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On this site you will find tips, guides about technology one of my passions, but also my general blog containing also sort of information. I am a true believe that every day we can all learn something new. For instance did you know that the capital of Hungary, Budapest , was created by the unification of two cities Buda and Pest on the 17th of November 1873, sparked your interest? would you like to know? then click the link below and read the full article on Wikipedia

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Overview of topics covered here on tries to report on different features, like digital tv and radio, technology, and general info, written by me to allow you the reader to learn and make your own opinion and maybe share your thoughts.

Digital TV

Digital television, lots of choices and but what are the different options available, latest news in the sector and what does it all mean to the average person?

I did not know that

A section, brought to you about topics you might not have heard off but may teach you something you did not know before.


Tech news and tips, a section dedicated to guides, tips and news about some of the tech I use or that is out there.